CASE STUDY: Getting rid of mice in animal feed

How Green Shield helped Connolly’s Red Mills

Animal feed manufacturer Connolly's Red Mills

Animal feed manufacturer Connolly’s Red Mills

Connolly’s Red Mills increased protection in their animal feed storage premises

Mice in animal feed – not a nice idea, and one which can place a strain on the customer-supplier relationship – a challenge that moved James Doyle, Operations Manager at the Irish animal feed manufacturer Connolly’s Red Mills to consider enhancing their pest control with the revolutionary anti-rodent protection system for their product stores.  Green Shield, a member of the British Pest Control Association, has developed a system of pest repelling using an electromagnetic field that reduces the attraction of feed by making the pests feel stressed and seek to leave the field, and provide protection inside any premises.

Connolly’s Red Mills exports to the growing animal breeding markets worldwide, but there are challenges with supplying customers on the other side of the world. With the importance of maintaining good relations between customer and supplier, minimising issues with product is critical, and there is an important need to ensure 100% pure high quality product is consistently delivered.

High speed door shutters and rigorous pest control measures show the company is serious about minimising the rare incursions of mice, but it wanted to reduce the possibility of encroachment even more, so James contacted BPCA member Green Shield, who did an audit of the area to be covered, and made recommendations for the location of their patented electromagnetic pest repelling devices.

Once the devices were finally positioned to provide a high level of coverage of the area, sightings of rodents reduced even further until today rodent visits are almost non-existent, and there are no breeding sites in the close vicinity outside the warehouse.

James Doyle said: “Initially I was sceptical, as this is a new solution to us, but Connolly’s Red Mills have always been proactive at trying new methods in all areas of animal feed production.  Green Shield impressed me with their research and their professional approach, and the system has proved itself eminently capable of deterring the animals.”

He added, “This is the perfect solution for a company at the cutting edge of animal feed formulations in that we have installed an advanced system that repels rodents and reduces the need for poisons to control the incursion of this type of pest.”

James Doyle, Operations Manager, Connolly’s Red Mills, Goresbridge, County Kilkenny, Ireland
E: james.doyle@redmills.ie

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