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Green Shield electromagnetic pest repellers are easy to use, and completely humane. There’s no mess, nasty smell, noise or dead creatures for you to clear up. Just plug into an electric socket near the mice, rats or other unwanted rodents, and the repeller starts working straight away. We offer a 60-day no question money back guarantee.

Lawrie Siteman



Plug it into a socket and its harmless electronic field will make the rodents want to leave your house

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Green Shield is a pest control product that makes rodents want to leave while diners stay

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Not just for mice …

We have a house in France, home not just to us but also to bats. When we aren’t there, they find their way inside the house and set off the burglar alarm, necessitating a call out and a charge of 50 euros. Once we came back to find two (dead) bats clinging to the curtains, poor little things. We also had campagnoles (small rodents) in the outhouse whose droppings made a real mess. Since installing the Green Shield devices we have no more bats, no more callouts and no more campagnoles. Don’t feel guilty as none of the animals have been harmed and there are loads of old buildings in the vicinity where they can make their homes. This is a clean, humane and highly effective system for ridding buildings of unwanted (animal!) visitors. Thank you so much!

Liz Hogg

Very satisfied customer

I bought Green Shield on the recommendation of a friend & as a safe guard against vermin, rats in particular. Since implementing same approximately a year ago, I am very pleased to report that we have not seen sight nor sign of same. We ordered two, one for the home & one for our shed. They are worth every penny for the peace of mind they have given us. Very satisfied customer.

Pat Morrison

This is a fantastic investment – thank you!

Hi there. Just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for your rat repeller. I’ve had it now for about 6 weeks and gradually the activity in my ceiling has reduced to the point where I have heard nothing for about 10 days now. It may help others to know that my experience was that the offending rodent seemed to take about 3 weeks to begin to “get the message” and I was despairing that I’d have to pay for the usual visits from the rat catcher. But, after speaking with your firm I was encouraged to give it a little longer and sure enough, it would disappear for a few days, then came back but only for about 10 minutes so I assume it just needed another blast and it left. I’m hopeful that it has now gone for good and I’m quite relaxed that if I hear any newcomers they aren’t going to hang around for long. After spending in excess of £100 every time I’ve had a furry visitor this is a fantastic investment – thank you!

Christine Hurst
Home User

Success in my apartment in France


I just wanted to say how effective the 2 home units I purchased have been.

I used them in my apartment in France which is next to woodland. Last year, the mice got into the wall and ceiling voids (luckily not actually in the apartment itself). It was awful, I couldn’t sleep and was constantly checking to see if they’d entered the apartment.  You’d hear them scurrying across the lounge ceiling and in the wall behind the headboard.

This year, I arrived and they didn’t seem to be in the voids any longer. However, after 2 weeks they’d returned so I plugged the devices in and 24 hours later they’d gone. Bliss.  They returned but only briefly (30 mins) about 2 weeks later.  I think probably because their previous entry ways had been disturbed so maybe there was some remaining scent.

These units are so fantastic and effective. I’m so pleased they were recommended to me, they’ve enabled me to enjoy my 2 month stay in France.

Thank you so much

Lesley D.



Great product & service

Don’t waste your money on the cheaper so-called alternatives. Green Shield’s website made it clear they knew their stuff and had done their tests. So relieved to have found a humane and effective way to deal with mice.

Glis Glis success

We began to be kept awake by that scourge of French housing, the Glis Glis.  Night after night, we or our guests were kept awake into the small hours of the morning by the pests running around and squeaking.  We heard about the success of the Green Shield small commercial units against these animals, and decided to try them, so we bought four units.  After a couple of weeks, the noise had not reduced, so I called Green Shield to see what should be done.  They advised that we should use only two units, kept further apart, so that there is no overlap in the magnetic fields, and after following their instructions, and to our relief, within days, the Glis Glis went quiet, and there is still no noise.

Many thanks for these amazing units, and for the excellent customer service.

Elle G, France

Great service and product

Have had no further problems with mice since product purchased.

Jane Ellis
Home User

Fast delivery, helpful customer support

Really excellent – I plugged the units in, one in the kitchen and the other in the loft using an extension cable, and after a few days, the noises in the loft stopped. The advice given on the phone was really helpful.

Nick Peters
Home User

Mice repellers that really work

I tried sonic devices which are totally useless (despite the advertising saying otherwise)…mice regularly feed from poison bait right next to such devices and I didn’t want to waste any more money on other electronic devices which don’t work. But I bought two of your units after reading the reviews you sent and they have kept the mice away, and I am delighted I have found a device that worked. They arrived really soon after ordering too.

Charles Trinder

Buy one!

We’ve been using Green Shield in our home for about 7 years. Got one plugged in downstairs and one upstairs. It definitely works! The little critters come back occasionally but they never stay for long.

Steph Duits
Home User

Excellent Purchase – It really works!

This is an excellent product. The Green Shield unit has definitely worked in our stone cottage and my mother has one in her chalet. She has had no problems with mice since. I was very dubious at first but now I will definitely purchase again. Very pleased. No more setting up humane mousetraps or buying cheaper electronic devices that do not work.

Well worth it

An excellent deterrent for pesky wee critters. Haven’t had a major infestation since installing. Highly recommend.

G Cassels
Home User


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