About Green Shield rodent repellers

How does a Green Shield pest control unit work?

Green Shield is a little box that you plug into a standard electric socket. It’s really simple.

Once you’ve plugged it in, it immediately starts broadcasting an electromagnetic field around the house. This field affects only rodents and drives them out.

A Green Shield device will create an electromagnetic field that makes mice feel miserable and want to leave your house

A Green Shield device will create an electromagnetic field that makes mice, rats and other rodents feel stressed and unwell and want to leave your house or business premises to get away from the unpleasant sensations. Humans and non-rodent animals are unaffected.

How the electromagnetic field works

Green Shield’s patented electromagnetic rodent repeller devices oscillate at a specific frequency that affects rodents such as mice and rats whilst leaving humans, other animals and other electronic devices untouched.

The field produced by the Green Shield rodent repeller is like a bubble, but it also extends around the electric cables in your walls.

The field pulsates, and that’s important. The pulsation interferes with the actual brain chemistry of rodents, affecting their hormones and sleep-wake cycles. This mechanism effectively gives rats and mice a feeling akin to jet lag in humans.

The frequency of the electromagnetic waves goes up and down constantly for a couple of minutes. Then the Green Shield stops, for around one minute. Just when ratty or mousy thinks everything’s fine again, ZAP! It starts up again.

Rodents hate this. It drives them crazy. They find the sensation very uncomfortable. All they can do is move away from it – and out of your property.

How long does it take to work?

You should see a difference in the behaviour of the rodents within 7–10 days. In the first few days the rats and mice may exhibit disturbed behaviour, perhaps being seen at unusual times of the day or night. You may find them easier to trap at this stage. After a few more weeks, the remaining pests are very likely to have moved out, especially if you follow our other advice on how to get rid of rats and mice in the house. We offer a 60-day no question money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the result; after all not all houses are the same in terms of construction or socket positions, so the field may not be able to reach the infested areas sufficiently.

The rodent repeller should be left plugged in all the time even after the pests have vacated the premises, to put off them and others from re-infesting your property and setting up a home where they are not wanted. You might see an occasional pest afterwards (especially if you’ve left out some food in a place where they can get at it). However, the rodents won’t hang around for long with an electromagnetic rodent repeller on the premises, and they won’t look for somewhere to nest in your property. They’ll soon leave, going out the same way they came in.

Green Shield repellers keep working, on average, for three to five years before they need replacing.

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