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The Glis Glis Problem

The Glis Glis Problem

24 10 2017

They live in your attic, breed like rabbits, and wake you in the night.

They chew through wiring, strip trees in your garden – and you can’t touch them since they’re protected.

If you’re here, you know the Glis Glis, aka the Edible Dormouse, now endemic in a triangle of land across 200 square miles of England.

There has been an explosion in the numbers of these pests recently, but Glis Glis are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 so only pest controllers with a special licence are permitted to trap and execute the pests.

Green Shield has supplied our units to home owners suffering from the problem in the UK, France, Italy and further afield, since electronic pest repellers do not need a licence to be operated; we think the electromagnetic field changes their brain chemistry to disrupt their night/day cycles, so they feel more stressed and move away.  When asked, we recommend the small commercial units since the dual coil nature of the devices means the more powerful field can affect the larger brains of the Glis Glis (and the Pine Marten).  In fairness, we must say that we have not done any lab testing of the units against the Glis Glis, but our customers who have tried them say that they have had an effect.  Of the dozens of units sold, all of which come with a 60-day money back guarantee, only 1 order has ever been returned for a refund.

If you are being pestered by the Glis Glis or the Pine Marten, you can try our GS200 devices for 60 days and see for yourself the results.  If you need an EU plug, be sure to select the correct version in your order.

You can click here to buy them now, special offer being two for the price of one.

2 responses to “The Glis Glis Problem”

  1. Omeed says:

    I have just ordered this unit for the issue we have currently with Glis Glis in the loft and these running around in the cavity between the ground and first floor. I think these are entering via the garage int the house.
    Couple of questions:
    1. where is the best place to plug these units in to ensure we get rid of the Glis Glis.
    2. If it does not work would I get a refund for the unit having tried for 60 days?

    • admin says:

      Dear Omeed
      Many thanks for trying the units with your Glis Glis problem.
      As with all our devices, we advise that our solution is only one part of the pest jigsaw, so you should also make every effort to make it difficult for them to get in by proofing access holes with expanding foam and wire wool and remove any attractants (food, loose nesting material) that will be tempting them to return or stay. As for your questions relating to the best location for your specific issue, it is of course difficult to be specific, but the units work in two ways – the EM field around the device, and the change to the magnetic field in your wiring.
      1) for the loft area, if you have a socket up there, then you can just plug a device in the loft. If you don’t have a socket there but have a light, then you can wire an extension lead with a lamp plug on one end and a standard 13 amp socket at the other, and plug a unit into the 13 amp socket and the lamp plug into the lamp socket. The electricity demand from our units is small, so that is perfectly safe, but you should remember not to plug any other electrical device in that wiring. String the extension around the loft so that it covers as much area as possible, ending with the unit near the site of greatest activity. You should remember to leave the loft electricity switched on! If you have no electricity up in the loft, we recommend you string an extension from the top floor of your house into the loft and run the extension round the loft area as described previously, plugging a unit in at the end.
      For the cavity activity, plug the second unit in a socket as near as possible to where you are hearing the greatest noise, the field will penetrate most walls and affect them.
      Please remember it takes between 7-14 days for an effect to become apparent with changed activity.
      2) Yes, you can return the undamaged units for a refund within the 60 days, but please keep the original boxes so they can be returned safely.
      Good luck with your efforts, and if you want further advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.

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