Other FAQs about Green Shield electromagnetic rodent repellers

Do these plug-in pest control devices work?

Yes. Green Shield is a humane pest control device that does what it says: it controls pests. It will flush them out of your building.



Does the field interfere with computers or other appliances?


Are Green Shield devices sonic?

No. Our devices are electromagnetic, not sonic. Our technology is patented.

Will I ever see another pest after plugging the Green Shield in?

Yes, you might. They might come in looking for food, especially if you’ve left some out in a place where they can get at it. But they won’t hang around and they won’t look for somewhere to nest. They’ll soon leave, going out the same way they came in.

What guarantee do you offer?

You have a free one year guarantee from the date you purchased the Green Shield. If it stops working in that time, send it to us with your receipt and we’ll replace it, no quibbles.

Should I leave it plugged in all the time?

Ideally, yes. It won’t hurt to unplug it for short periods, but don’t be tempted to switch it off while you go off on holiday, for example. The pests will come back as soon as they think things are back to normal.

Doesn’t it use a lot of electricity?

No, not really. About the same amount as a nightlight.

Does it affect pacemakers?

If you or someone in your household uses a pacemaker, follow the same advice that your doctor has given you regarding any electrical devices. The unit complies with CE regulations.

Can I use a Green Shield unit outside?

No, probably not. ¬†Electricity and water don’t get on together, so in an exposed position it would soon fail. ¬†If it was in a shed, or protected somehow, then it might work. But if there’s no wiring in the outside areas, the unit will only be effective in a shorter range.


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