The best mouse deterrent

Ros Ellis discovered she had moved into a house with a mouse infestation. This is her story about the best mouse deterrents she discovered. "My husband and I bought a beautiful old Victorian house in north London some years ago, and moved in with our little baby. It was on our second day in the house, whilst relaxing in the conservatory after a marathon of unpacking boxes, that we first saw the mice. There were four of them running up the guttering outside the conservatory. They looked the same size as the mice or rats you sometimes see under the tracks on the London Underground, and I ... Read More about The best mouse deterrent

CASE STUDY: Getting rid of mice in animal feed

How Green Shield helped Connolly’s Red Mills Connolly’s Red Mills increased protection in their animal feed storage premises Mice in animal feed – not a nice idea, and one which can place a strain on the customer-supplier relationship – a challenge that moved James Doyle, Operations Manager at the Irish animal feed manufacturer Connolly’s Red Mills to consider enhancing their pest control with the revolutionary anti-rodent protection system for their product stores.  Green Shield, a member of the British Pest Control Association, has developed a system of pest repelling using an ... Read More about CASE STUDY: Getting rid of mice in animal feed

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