Rat Facts

You don’t want to meet one in real life though. We at Green Shield, will make sure you don’t have to. We like to be rid of them, and our Pest Repeller makes sure of it. In the meantime, civilisation’s constant co-habitation with rats seems to have got to people’s heads, read on. The Egyptians … Read More about Rat Facts

The Glis Glis Problem

They live in your attic, breed like rabbits, and wake you in the night. They chew through wiring, strip trees in your garden – and you can’t touch them since they’re protected. If you’re here, you know the Glis Glis, aka the Edible Dormouse, now endemic in a triangle of land across 200 square miles of … Read More about The Glis Glis Problem

Insect Traps not considered Biocides

In an about-face, the European commission has agreed with representations made by the BPCA that insect traps will not be considered Biocides. The BPCA said: “The hard work of BPCA, its Members and their clients working together have resulted in a victory against a proposal to class insect monitoring trap pheromones as biocides.” Through a two-pronged … Read More about Insect Traps not considered Biocides

Asian Hornets in the UK?

Originally a queen is thought to have stowed away on a boat from China to France.  It won’t take much for them to invade our shores.  Although their sting is no worse than a Bee or Wasp sting, the main threat is to our Honey Bees, as the Asian Hornet preys on the Honey Bee … Read More about Asian Hornets in the UK?

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