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Insect Traps not considered Biocides

Insect Traps not considered Biocides

05 04 2017

In an about-face, the European commission has agreed with representations made by the BPCA that insect traps will not be considered Biocides. The BPCA said: “The hard work of BPCA, its Members and their clients working together have resulted in a victory against a proposal to class insect monitoring trap pheromones as biocides.” Through a two-pronged attack at the European Commission and lobbying of the UK’s representatives on the Standing Committee on Biocidal Products, we were able to convince them to abandon plans. Had these gone through unchallenged, the binding decision would likely result in most insect monitoring traps being withdrawn from sale, and longer term could have a significant impact on the use of other substances to attract or repel pests. Each Member state can now make their own decision on this topic, and BPCA will continue to lobby HSE to keep these products on the shelves.  

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