What tasks are rats used for?

6 useful areas for humans you may not know about Laboratory research and testing: Rats are commonly used in scientific research to study a wide range of medical and biological issues, such as genetics, disease, and behaviour. Drug development: Rats are used to test the safety and effectiveness of new drugs and medical treatments. Detection and mine clearance: Rats have been trained to detect landmines and other explosive devices, making them valuable tools in demining operations. Search and rescue: Rats have been trained to locate people trapped in rubble or other debris, making ... Read More about What tasks are rats used for?

How does an oscillating magnetic field affect the behaviour of rodents?

What research shows is the likeliest explanation We at Green Shield are often asked how our units work. First, you need to understand that an oscillating magnetic field is a type of electromagnetic energy that fluctuates back and forth. When rodents' brains feel this type of energy, it can change the chemistry of the brain. This is by affecting the levels of certain chemicals called neurotransmitters. These chemicals send signals between nerve cells in the brain. They are involved in many important functions such as memory, mood, behaviour, and other brain functions in the rodent. Of ... Read More about How does an oscillating magnetic field affect the behaviour of rodents?


An alternative explanation for why Green Shield units work on rodents? New Scientist is reporting that although certain mammals are able to detect magnetic fields, where the sense originates was not known. Now, the organ that houses magnetic sensors in Ansell’s mole rat (Fukomys anselli) has been identified. This species of mole rat, known for digging long, subterranean tunnels, has poor eyesight and tiny – but structurally intact – eyes. Mole rats were placed in an arena in which magnetic fields could be used to artificially change the direction of magnetic north. They found that the mole ... Read More about NEARLY BLIND MOLE RATS DETECT MAGNETIC FIELDS USING THEIR EYES

The best mouse deterrent

Ros Ellis discovered she had moved into a house with a mouse infestation. This is her story about the best mouse deterrents she discovered. "My husband and I bought a beautiful old Victorian house in north London some years ago, and moved in with our little baby. It was on our second day in the house, whilst relaxing in the conservatory after a marathon of unpacking boxes, that we first saw the mice. There were four of them running up the guttering outside the conservatory. They looked the same size as the mice or rats you sometimes see under the tracks on the London Underground, and I ... Read More about The best mouse deterrent

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