Does it work?


Please spell it out for me.

Green Shield is a humane pest control device that does what it says: it controls pests. It will flush them out of your building.

How does it work then?

Green Shield is a little box that you plug into a socket. It’s really simple.

Once you’ve plugged it in, it immediately starts broadcasting an electromagnetic field around the house. The field is like a bubble, but it also extends around the electric cables in your walls.

The field pulsates, and that’s important. The frequency of the electromagnetic waves goes up and down incredibly fast, constantly for three minutes. Then the Green Shield stops, for one minute. Just when ratty or mousy thinks everything’s fine again, ZAP! It starts up again.

Rodents hate this. It drives them crazy. They find the sensation very uncomfortable. All they can do is move away from it – and out of your property.



Where should I plug it in, then?

Somewhere central if you want to pro-actively prevent future infestation. If you’ve seen or heard the pests in a particular place, you can plug it in nearer to them if you like.

Plug your Green Shield into the ring main – which in most houses means any of the floor-level power sockets found in most rooms.

It’s important to plug it into a circuit that goes round the house; this is how the electromagnetic field spreads further and causes the pests more trouble.

Amazon enquiry: Got mice downstairs, how soon will it take for mice to go away completely? Is it harmless for our pet dogs etc.?

Answer by Amazon customer Mr. Stephen Barrett February 2017

I guess the short answer is – it all depends. We recently bought new ones of these units as they others had failed after quite a few years and we noticed evidence of mice again. Within a few days of installation we had caught some mice in our traps but then no more for many weeks since. My thinking is that the equipment disturbs the mice so you may see more at first and you either catch them or they leave. With regards to your dog – no problems at all – unit recently we had a lab.

Who is Green Shield?

Our company is Green Shield Ltd. We are the only device company with membership of the British Pest Control Association. We’ve been members of that organisation since 2005.

How many Green Shield units do I need?

For a typical 2-storey, 3-bedroom house, one will do. If your house is larger, the wiring isn’t so modern or the walls thick or damp, we’d recommend one per storey. When you’ve got several plugged in, try to arrange them at opposite ends of the house, to maximise the spread of the field.

Will it bother my pets?

Rodent pets, yes. Do not use a Green Shield if you own hamsters, gerbils, or other tame rodents. Birds, dogs, cats and fish are unaffected, so you don’t need to worry about them.

Does the field interfere with computers or other appliances?


What animals is Green Shield guaranteed to work on?

Rats, mice and other rodent pests. Some customers have told us that it works on ants, spiders, crickets and squirrels, but we’ve not confirmed this with independent tests so we don’t guarantee it.

Will I ever see another pest after plugging the Green Shield in?

Yes, you might. They might come in looking for food, especially if you’ve left some out in a place where they can get at it. But they won’t hang around and they won’t look for somewhere to nest. They’ll soon leave, going out the same way they came in.

How long will a Green Shield keep working?

The average life of one unit is three to five years. If the green light ever stops flashing (either permanently on or off), the unit may have stopped working. Try replugging the unit in several times in different sockets to check.

If the light is flashing but you think the machine has stopped working, here’s a simple way to test it: dangle a paperclip on an elastic band or a piece of string, close to the machine (about 1cm away). If the unit is functioning properly, the paperclip should be pulled towards it once every second or so. Don’t forget, though, that the machine “rests” for one minute out of every four, so check over a period of five minutes just to be sure.

What guarantee do you offer?

You have a free one year guarantee from the date you purchased the Green Shield. If it stops working in that time, send it to us with your receipt and we’ll replace it, no quibbles.

Should I leave it plugged in all the time?

Ideally, yes. It won’t hurt to unplug it for short periods, but don’t be tempted to switch it off while you go off on holiday, for example. The pests will come back as soon as they think things are back to normal.

Doesn’t it use a lot of electricity?

No, not really. About the same amount as a nightlight.

Does it affect pacemakers?

If you or someone in your household uses a pacemaker, follow the same advice that your doctor has given you regarding any electrical devices. The unit complies with CE regulations.

Can I use a Green Shield unit outside?

No, probably not.  Electricity and water don’t get on together, so in an exposed position it would soon fail.  If it was in a shed, or protected somehow, then it might work. But if there’s no wiring in the outside areas, the unit will only be effective in a shorter range.

Does it deal with squirrels or Glis Glis in the attic?

We haven’t tested it for that, but several of our customers have tried it by draping a long extension lead in “s”-shaped curves throughout the attic space, then plugging a Green Shield GS200 in at the end.  We suggest the more powerful small commercial device as the brains of squirrels and Glis Glis are larger, so need a more powerful field to have the same effect.  The customers mostly said it worked for them, so we suggest it’s worth a try.  We have a 60-day money back guarantee, so it only costs the postage.

Is the Green Shield unit recyclable?

Yes. If you have any Green Shield units that you want to recycle, you can either:

  • Bring your old product into our offices at Hoppingwood Farm or
  • Post the units to us at Green Shield Limited, Hoppingwood Farm,
    Robin Hood Way, London, SW20 0AB

All new Green Shield units can be recycled! You can tell because our products include a ‘crossed out wheeled bin’ sticker.

Even if your Green Shield product doesn’t have the crossed out wheeled bin sticker, the good news is we will gladly accept and recycle your old Green Shield Unit to the best of our ability.

Unwanted electrical equipment is the UKs fastest growing type of waste, and sending it to landfill causes lead and other toxins to leak out and cause soil and water contamination, harming wildlife and human health.  We all must care for the environment, so if in doubt, send it to us and we will recycle it.

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